Who we are 

Maua Mazuri is a team of scientists, expert farmers and sales professionals united by our mission to raise the quality standards for seedlings in African agriculture. Our goal is to actively contribute to the Tanzanian food supply by laying the foundations for strong and healthy staple food plantlets and seedlings through in-vitro propagation and, by growing plants in our nursery.

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Where we originate from

MAUA MAZURI is the “purpose-before-profit” company that takes care of all marketing, sales, training and distribution activities in promoting tissue culture banana plantlets and seedlings.

By 2025, MAUA MAZURI aims to become the reference company in Tanzania for quality banana tissue culture plantlets and seedlings, revered for its best infection free planting material by both smallholders and commercial companies. Our top priority is to supply the best product for an attractive price to farmers.

The company MAUA MAZURI Tissue Culture Products Ltd is a 100% daughter of Growing Impact BV, a holding company incorporated in the Netherlands. Our company includes agro-experts from Burundi, Belgium, The Netherlands and Tanzania. 

Our team

Our team is practical and to the point. It comprises strong and dedicated marketing, sales and operational experts, laboratory and nursery specialists and a powerful knowledgeable and hands-on management.

The Nurseries

Our company is very conscious about its corporate citizenship and environmental impact. We operate our activities in the spirit of “purpose-before-profit”. The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations ensure that everyone has the same opportunities for development and well-being. Through improvements in agriculture, banana value chains, training and food security, MAUA MAZURI contributes substantially to reaching these goals.

Human Rights 

MAUA MAZURI does business by adapting to local circumstances in Tanzania, respecting national laws and tax rules, but strictly avoiding bad habits of corruption, harassment and aggression of any kind. We conduct ethical business and respect gender, color, age, educational level and don’t discriminate. Human rights are an integral part of our staff trainings. We strongly believe that humans have rights, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status. We adhere as corporation to this general manifest.


We adhere to the global views on climate change, environmental protection and the urgency of ecologically ethical business conduct. Therefore, our activities are evaluated on a yearly base regarding measures to avoid waste, too much chemicals (ISCR1), and respect nature. MAUA MAZURI is partisan of reducing chemicals and following a strict waste management protocol.

Next to that, the state of the Kilimanjaro area requires special attention. This is why we have supported and are founding father of the Greenmanjaro Foundation, which runs The Kilimanjaro Climate Care Projects and will use our tree seedlings in their re-planting projects.